Supports for women

There is a Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) for Gynaecological Oncology Services within the Tasmania Health Service.  The role is able to provide a pivotal contact point supporting and helping guide each woman’s care from diagnosis, through surgery, the post-operative period, acute treatment period if required and on-going within the community.

The CNC is able to provide appropriate individualised information, education and support relative to a woman’s needs by the development of a nurse-led clinic, in Hobart.

Women are able to self-refer to this clinic, to speak with the CNC to assist with challenges faced with their cancer diagnosis or gynaecological illness.

Please call 6166 0000 to make an appointment.

Participating in facilitating client focus groups across Tasmania is also a focus of the CNC.

A gynaecological oncology support group is run every third Wednesday at the Cancer Council in Launceston.  Please call 6336 2030 if you want further information on this.

The Cancer Council in Hobart is also able to provide ongoing support.  Please call 6212 5700.