Different types of surgery- open surgery & laparoscopic surgery

There are 3 main approaches to gynaecological surgery.  These are laparoscopic (key-whole), laparotomy (open surgery through a larger incision), and robotic surgery (a version of key whole surgery).  Robotic surgery is not yet available in Tasmania.

Over the last 15 years many surgeons have become skilled at laparoscopic (key whole) surgery and more and more different operations are being performed via this approach. This type of surgery often takes slightly more time than open surgery, but an individuals’ recovery is faster and return to normal activities quicker. When advanced laparoscopic surgery was first practiced there were concerns about safety and increase in complication rates. Increased experience of surgeons and anaesthetists has seen many advances in the safety of this approach.

Abdominal open surgery is still sometimes necessary.  This may be because of many reasons including prior surgery and adhesions, because of the type of problem, or because of safety concerns.  It is still an acceptable and necessary approach in many circumstances.  The disadvantages relate to a long recovery time and an increased risk of certain complications.